How Hybrid Solar System Works in Pakistan?

Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan

A Hybrid Solar System is a combination of On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar systems. In other words, a hybrid solar system uses a grid i.e. Wapda, and batteries to store excess power which can be utilized for the night backup or for the case of a power outage. People normally get confused between the type and working of solar systems, especially the working of the hybrid solar systems in Pakistan. This article will elaborate on a hybrid solar system in Pakistan and help you in choosing the desired solar system according to your requirement.

Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that is facing severe energy and electricity crises, where power or grid outage is a normal routine. Typically, load shedding occurs every day in remote areas, and in urban areas, it occurs more than twice a week. Considering this situation of frequent load shedding in Pakistan, A Hybrid Solar System is the real solution to all problems whether you want a solar system for your house or for your commercial areas.

A hybrid solar system in Pakistan will not only reduce your electricity bills but also will provide you grid independence which means if there is a power outage all your household appliances will run on solar energy directly during the daytime and will also charge your batteries for night backup or for the backup during load shedding.

Hybrid Solar Inverter

A hybrid solar system in Pakistan consists of a hybrid solar inverter and Tall Tubular batteries. This inverter converts the DC power from the sun to usable AC electric power. With the advancement of solar technology, a hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan is made to cater to all the needs of a typical household.

Hybrid Solar inverters in Pakistan allow you to store excess energy in batteries as well selling the excess energy to the electric grid. In other words, hybrid solar inverters also have a net metering option in them by which you can feed excess electricity to the grid. By doing this you contribute to the national grid, thereby helping Pakistan in getting rid of electricity crises.

Following are the list of hybrid solar inverters in Pakistan:

  1. Inverex Hybrid Solar Inverter
  2. MaxPower Hybrid Solar Inverter
  3. Crown Micro Hybrid Solar Inverter
  4. Solar Max Hybrid Solar inverter
  5. OneX Hybrid Solar inverter
  6. Delta Power Hybrid Solar inverter
  7. MUST Hybrid Solar Inverter
  8. Sofar Hybrid Solar Inverter

All the above-mentioned hybrid solar inverters have a battery bank voltage of 48V. This means you can connect four batteries in order to get the inverter turn on. If you want to increase the backup, then the number of batteries should be a multiple of 4. In other words, if more batteries need to be attached then the increased number of batteries can be 8,12,16 etc.

A 5 kW hybrid solar system in Pakistan can run all the essentials of the house. These hybrid solar inverters have a large torque bearing capacity as well. The typical load details of a 5kw hybrid solar system are:

  1. 2 Inverters Air conditioners ACs (1.5 TON)
  2. 1 Fridge
  3. 6 Fans
  4. All LED Lights
  5. LED TV
  6. Microwave oven
  7. Freezer
  8. Motor Pump

Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Solar System

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid solar system. Let us discuss the pros in detail.

Advantages of a Hybrid Solar Inverter/System

Continuous Power Supply

A hybrid solar system due to batteries provides us with grid independence. Whether the grid is present or not you can run your appliances and sit on your sofas in front of the cool air conditioner running directly on solar and batteries. Thus a hybrid solar system provides ease and comfort as well.

Serve the purpose of UPS

If a hybrid solar inverter is installed at your locality, then you do not need a UPS in the case of a power outage. The hybrid solar inverter serves the purpose of the night back up as well.

Reduce Electric Bills

A 5 kW hybrid solar system generates around 600 units of electricity per month. Hence reducing your bill significantly. And with the net metering option, you can sell excess electricity to the Local Distribution Company.

Disadvantages of a Hybrid Solar Inverter/System


A hybrid solar system is accumulatively being very expensive due to the high cost of batteries as compared to their counterpart ON Grid Solar systems which are relatively cheaper.

Longer ROI

The Return of investment of a Hybrid solar system is around 5 years due to the reoccurring cost of batteries whereas the Return of investment of an On-Grid solar system is 3 years only.

Frequent Maintenance

Hybrid Solar Inverters are prone to maintenance. As their fans and filters need to be cleaned regularly. Also, the battery’s acid level needs to be checked at frequent intervals. So a hybrid solar system has more maintenance as compared to an On-Grid system which is battery-less.

Difficult Wiring

Hybrid Solar systems have designated wiring just like UPS wiring. With this, you are restricted to running the load specifically and there is a chance of overloading as well. On the other hand, there is no overloading in an ON Grid Solar System. And all your house runs completely on solar due to the parallel wiring connection of an on-grid solar inverter.

Fan Noise

Hybrid Solar systems have fans inbuilt to make the board and inverter cool. These fans give provide running noise which can be disturbing if it is installed in the house. On-Grid Solar inverters on the other hand are silent and noise-free. The on-grid inverters are usually IP 65, whereas the hybrid inverters are IP 21 only.


If you are looking for a solar solution then a hybrid solar system is the best solar system option to opt for. It provides you the benefit of both worlds. With net metering, you can sell excess electricity to a local Distribution Company which is Wapda or LESCO for the case of Lahore Pakistan, and with batteries, you have your own backup. So there is no worry at all whether the grid is stable or not. Hence, a hybrid solar system in Pakistan is worth buying.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can a hybrid solar inverter run without batteries?

Yes, new models of hybrid inverters in Pakistan are battery independent and can run all your loads directly on solar.

Can a hybrid solar system in Pakistan is suitable for urban areas?

Yes, a  hybrid solar system is the best choice to go for.

Does a hybrid solar inverter work with Lithium-Ion batteries?

Yes, special hybrid inverters have the option of communication with Lithium-ion batteries.

Does a hybrid solar inverter have a grid feeding option?

All the new hybrid solar inverters have grid feeding options. You can sell excess electricity to the grid through net metering.

What is the ROI of a hybrid solar system?

Due to the higher cost of batteries, the ROI of a hybrid solar system is around 5 years.

Do hybrid inverters have noise?

Yes, hybrid solar inverters have little noise from the cooling fans.

Can hybrid inverters be placed outside in the atmosphere?

No, they cannot be placed in an open atmosphere. Rain and water can damage the inverter because usually, all the inverters are IP 21. Nowadays IP 65 inverters are also available in the market that can be placed in the open air.

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