How to Apply for Net Metering in Pakistan

How to Apply for Net Metering in Pakistan? 2023

Net Metering is a process that allows solar panel owners to sell any excess electricity generated during the daytime back to the national grid, ultimately reducing their electricity bills While net metering is a relatively new concept in Pakistan, it offers significant advantages due to the country’s ample sunlight hours. To have net metering installed at home, certain steps must be followed, which we will explain in detail in this article. It’s important to note that individuals cannot apply directly for net metering under the NEPRA 2015 regulation. Instead, they must connect with an AEDB registered solar company to access the net metering facility. Before diving into the net metering process, let’s first understand what is net metering and how it works in Pakistan.

What is Net Metering

Net metering is an arrangement where customers who have solar panels can transfer any extra electricity they generate back to the grid and receive credits on their electric bill from the utility company.
When your solar panels produce more electricity than you consume, the surplus power is sent back to the grid. At the end of each month, the utility company calculates the difference between the electricity you generated and the electricity you used. You will only be billed for the net amount of electricity you used, and you will receive credits for the excess electricity you contributed to the grid.

Net metering is a great way to save money on your electricity bills and help the environment. If you are considering installing solar panels on your home, net metering is a great option to consider.

How To Apply for Net Metering in Pakistan?

Net Metering is an incredible initiative implemented by NEPRA in 2015, enabling individuals to effortlessly export any surplus electricity they generate to the national grid. NEPRA has outlined a comprehensive process for applying for net metering in Pakistan. Let’s delve into each step of the net metering application process in Pakistan, one by one.

Solar System Installation

Before applying for a net metering system in Pakistan, it is essential to have a solar PV system installed at your home. The system must be either an on-grid or hybrid solar system with a three-phase meter connection. After all, without a solar PV system in place, there would be nothing to export to the national grid. Therefore, it is crucial to have solar panels installed on your rooftop to take advantage of the net metering facility in Pakistan.

Connect With an AEDB Registered Solar Company

If you already own a solar system, the initial step you need to take is to contact an AEDB registered solar company in your area. You might wonder why you can’t apply for net metering on your own. The reason is that NEPRA does not permit individuals to directly apply for net metering. Instead, you must engage with a solar company that is authorized to handle the net metering application process. Reach out to the solar company and entrust them with the responsibility of applying for net metering in Pakistan.

Preparation of Application

After you contact an AEDB registered solar company such as Alpha Solar, the process of your net metering application begins. At this stage, the company will request essential documents from you, including your National ID card and electricity bill. They will provide comprehensive guidance throughout each step of the application process and will forward it to the relevant department.

Inspection and NOC Issuance

Once the application is approved. It moves into next process where Punjab Energy Department carries out an inspection and issues a No Objection Certificate (NOC) in line with SRO 892 (1) / 2015. This step ensures that all regulations and standards are followed and maintained.

Signing of Agreement

After the issuance of a No Objection Certificate, an agreement is signed between the consumer and the local electricity provider, such as LESCO. The agreement is valid for the next three years, during which you are permitted to export the surplus electricity generated by your solar panels to the national grid.

Allotment of Generation License

Once the agreement is signed, it is then submitted to NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) for verification. This crucial step ensures compliance with regulations and grants you the official generation license. This license serves as the authorization to operate as an independent power producer, allowing you to generate electricity for a period of three years. With this license in hand, you have the legal recognition and authority to contribute to the national energy grid with your solar power generation.

Activation of Net Metering

As soon as you obtain the generation license successfully, your net metering services activated. you will net meter installed at your home and will have the opportunity to save money by selling electricity to the grid.

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Benefits of Net Metering in Pakistan

Reduced electricity bills

Net metering can significantly reduce your electricity bills. In fact, you may be able to offset your entire electricity bill with solar power.

Independence from the grid

Net metering can make you more independent from the grid. If there is a power outage, your solar panels will continue to generate electricity, so you will not be without power.

Eligibility Criteria for Net Metering in Pakistan

The eligibility criteria for net metering in Pakistan are as follows:


Net Metering is a device used to sell the excess electricity generated by solar panels back to the national grid, resulting in compensation through reduced monthly electricity bills. However, individuals cannot directly apply for net metering in Pakistan. It is necessary to connect with an AEDB registered solar company to avail the net metering facilities. The solar company will prepare the application on behalf of the consumer and obtain approval from the Punjab Energy Department and NEPRA. Subsequently, the relevant departments will sign an agreement and issue the NOC and Generation License, granting the consumer the authority to generate renewable energy and sell it back to the national grid, thereby reducing electricity bills.
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