Solar Water Pump/Solar Tubewell Solution Benefits in Pakistan

What’s Solar Tubewell and How Does It Work?

A solar tubewell in Pakistan is an irrigation system that utilizes solar power to pump water from underground. A solar panel system is installed near the solar tube well pump, which generates electricity from the solar panels to pump water from the ground. The water is then stored in a tank or reservoir and can be used for irrigation or other purposes.

Solar tubewells are both cost-effective and sustainable. With a one-time investment, customers do not have to pay anything towards electricity bills for the remaining 25 years. They serve as a sustainable and economical alternative to traditional tubewells that rely on grid electricity. Solar tubewells are gaining popularity in Pakistan due to their numerous advantages over traditional tubewells.

Benefits of Installing Solar Tubewell in Pakistan

Solar systems offer multiple benefits regardless of the application they are installed for. Specifically, when it comes to installing solar panels for solar tubewell pumps, farmers can enjoy numerous advantages that ultimately contribute to increased crop yields and help Pakistan achieve self-sufficiency in agricultural production.

One Time Investment and Life Time Free Electricity

In most cases, solar tubewell pumps in Pakistan are directly installed with solar panels, eliminating the need for a grid connection. This means that you only need to make a one-time investment in the solar tubewell, and for the next 25 years, you won’t have to pay a single penny to the WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority). This makes the solar tubewell a highly worthwhile investment in Pakistan. Even if you opt for an on-grid solar system for the solar tubewell, it will not burden you with hefty bills. Unless you run the solar tubewell at night, the bill will not exceed a few hundred rupees.

Less Dependency on Grid Electricity

As electricity rates in Pakistan continue to surge with each passing year, and the tariff taxes on electricity bills add to the burden, the lives of farmers are further affected. They end up spending a significant portion of their annual profits on paying higher electricity bills. However, by installing a solar tubewell in Pakistan, you can eliminate the burden of high electricity bills. It will result in zero bills, and you won’t have to rely on grid electricity anymore. Generating your own electricity for the solar tubewell pump in Pakistan gives you the freedom to run your tubewell throughout the day without the fear of accumulating higher electricity costs.

Continuous Power Supply and Timely Crops Production

With the Alpha Solar tubewell system, continuous power supply is guaranteed. Farmers will no longer need to worry about power cuts, which are common in areas where crops are extensively cultivated. Timely irrigation is crucial for maximizing crop production, and with the Alpha Solar tubewell, we ensure that you will never face any interruptions in your electricity supply while operating the solar tubewell pump throughout the year. This will help you achieve maximum production levels.

Zero Operating Cost

The traditional method of providing water to plants and crops is very costly, mainly due to the high fuel prices. Alternatively, if you opt for a tubewell pump, you have to first install a transformer and then run the pump using expensive electricity. However, with the Alpha Solar tube well system, you can break free from these operating costs. Once you install the solar tubewell, you will no longer have to pay electricity bills for operating the pump.


Farmers in Pakistan are always in search of cost-effective methods for crop cultivation. When it comes to irrigation, solar tubewells provide an affordable solution for farmers. Eco Cart Energy offers solar tubewells in different sizes at reasonable prices. By choosing Eco Cart Energy tube well pumps, farmers can benefit from free electricity for their solar tubewell pumps for the next 25 years. If you are interested in installing a solar tubewell in Pakistan at a reasonable price, simply get in touch with Eco Cart Energy to receive a free quotation for your solar tubewell.

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