What is a solar inverter and which is the best inverter in Pakistan?

Solar inverters are an integral part of the solar energy system, and without them, the energy generated by the solar panels is pretty much useless. With their role in a solar energy system of such importance, the inverters need to be robust, efficient and long-lasting to ensure that the solar energy system as a whole stays trouble-free and efficient for a considerable period. However, the general awareness of solar inverters is quite murky, considering the popularity of solar energy systems, which is why, we will take a look at solar inverters; what they are, and which is the best solar inverter in Pakistan.

What is a solar inverter?

As its name implies, a solar inverter is a device used to invert or change the flow of current from the solar panels to the power box of the house, to be used by the household appliances. The primary idea here is the conversion of current from DC (direct current) to alternating current (AC). Let’s look at what goes on an inverter and how a solar inverter performs this crucial job of converting DC to AC for use in the household.

Solar inverter: why is it necessary?

The focal point of the solar energy system apparatus which generates electricity from solar energy are the solar panels. These work on the photovoltaic principle, where constant exposure to sunlight raises the temperature of the surface of the PV cells, causing silicon atoms in the cell to get excited and lose electrons. This stream of free-flowing electrons forms the electric charge, which is in DC form.
However, home appliances and for general usage, alternating current or AC is required. Which is why, solar inverters are used. They convert the charge coming from the solar panels from DC to AC, and then, depending on the configuration and the type of the solar energy system, send it either to the battery for later usage or to the power box of the house.

What should you look for in solar inverters?

Understanding the role that solar inverters play in the system, you can pretty much guess what an ideal solar inverter should be like. The first and foremost is efficiency; for you to enjoy and utilize the maximum potential of your solar panels and in extension your solar energy system, your inverter needs to be as efficient as possible. If that is not the case, the generated energy will be wasted, since DC current cannot be consumed, although in some applications, can be stored in a battery, but that is expensive and inconvenient. Which is why, efficiency is paramount for solar inverters.

What are the different types of solar inverters?

The most common three types of solar inverters that are popular in Pakistan are hybrid, on-grid and off-grid solar inverters. Each of them corresponds to the type of solar energy systems that they work with: off-grid solar inverters are heavy-duty and designed to handle the load of increased energy input, enough to power an entire home without any interference from the grid. On-grid inverters, on the other hand, supply and supplement electricity from the grid, whereas hybrid systems and inverters work both ways; they can independently power the home, or work in tandem with the grid for uninterrupted access to electricity.

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